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Buying Property in Your Wife or Partners Name.

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Lawyers for Expats Thailand specialize in legal solutions for Expats

There is a legal way to secure your investment

If you are married or in a relationship to a Thai National and have invested money or are about to invest into property, Lawyers for Expats Thailand can protect your investment for you .

As you are probably aware foreigner’s cannot own, Land or a Landed Property in Thailand.

To protect yourself and your investment simply arrange a free consultation with one of our specialist lawyers at Lawyers for Expats Thailand.

Contact us or Tel +6695658038 WhatsApp and Line.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand do not circumnavigate the law .

At Lawyers for Expats we follow the law and all our solutions will hold up to scrutiny and offer the maximum protection for our clients.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand specialize in providing solutions regarding Property Law.

We believe that you cannot protect yourself enough when considering buying property in Thailand, and we adopt a belt and braces policy to offer you protection in a number of scenarios.

Here are the most common hurdles to overcome if you have, or are considering purchasing property in the name of your Thai partner or wife.

What will happen in the event of your wife or partner dying before you?

The laws of inheritance in Thailand are complex and even if you are married the common property is shared between you and remaining heirs including children from a previous marriage .

You could end up having to buy out the family heirs to remain in your home.

Even worse what if you can’t afford to do this you could find your self homeless.

If you are not married without a carefully worded and executed Will you do not have any claim to the property.

Will you be able to live in the property for the rest of your life?

If your partner dies before you there is no guarantee you will be allowed to continue living in your home if it is divided between the remaining heirs.

Do you have the option of selling it?

If you are not the rightful legal owner of the property how can you sell the property?

What would happen in a separation or divorce?

Did you attend the land office when the property was transferred into your wife or partners name, and did they ask you to sign some papers?

If you did do you know what you signed?

You would have most likely signed to say that the property was bought with private money of the Thai national and that the property is not part of the matrimonial property.

In a divorce, matrimonial property is split 50/50 however if you have signed this as private property there is no claim for you on the property in a divorce settlement, and this could also be a problem in the event of your wife dying before you too.

If you are still reading you most likely are concerned and so you should be because unless you cover these scenarios with carefully worded legal documents that are executed correctly you are vulnerable.

The good news is that Lawyers for Expats Thailand have a solution that covers all the above issues and offers you protection in life, death and separation or divorce.

Do not put this off and leave it until it is too late .

Contact us for a Free consultation

Tel +66956583038

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1 comentario

20 oct 2022

Brian. I have a couple of comments/questions. If condos were purchased by a British National (Purchase Agreement in British National name) BEFORE marriage to a Thai National and the UK Will does not mention Thai assets who has legal claim on the condos after death?

Also, if land was purchased and subsequently built on during marriage but solely funded by British National but in Thai Wife’s name I am assuming regardless of where the money comes from these remain in the ownership of the Wife after British Nationals death? Many thanks.

Me gusta
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