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Staff at Lawyers for Expats Thailand

Dedicated law firm for expats in Thailand

From the first introduction Lawyer's for expats Thailand will demonstrate professionalism and understanding of your needs.


Kanokpich Ukritdutsadee

Lawyer & Barrister

Kanokpich Ukritdutsadee is a qualified lawyer and barrister and leads our team.
She has 18 years of experience in providing legal services to foreigners and their partners in Thailand. Her knowledge of the law,work ethic and caring nature stand her apart from her competitors.


Mr Yongyuth Boonsom

Senior Lawyer & Barrister

Mr Yongyuth Boonsom is a highly experienced and qualified lawyer and Barrister and valued member of our team in Bangkok.

Lawyers for expats Thailand are privileged to have his experience and knowledge at the disposal of our law firm.

He  has in excess of 25 years of proven experience and success in and out of the courtroom.


Lawyer Bank

Lawyer and Barrister 

 Lawyer Bank is a highly qualified and experienced Lawyer and Barrister who is a valued member to our team in Khon Kaen and Udon Thani and neighboring cities.


Lawyer Mona

Lawyer and Barrister

Lawyer Mona represents lawyers for Expats in Koh Samui and Koh Phangan and is based in Koh Samui to offer solutions to the expat communities in Koh  Samui and Koh Phangan.


Ms Sarinya Nachai

Lawyer and Barrister

Ms Sarinya Nachai is a highly qualified Lawyer and Barrister who will soon be completing her exams to become a judge.Her input and advice is important to our team and clients.


Brian Ramsden

General Manager of Foreign Affairs

To understand our clients needs we need to think like them .Our General Manager of Foreign Affairs understands fully the needs of our clients as he is an expat living in Thailand himself and has first hand experience.He has been providing property solutions for the past 5 years in Thailand and has a wealth of knowledge in this field and others.He is available 24/7 for our clients and is the link between our legal team and our clients to ensure good communication and understanding .



Interpreter Translator and Clerk

Mint joined Lawyers for Expats Thailand and has been a critical asset to our firm ever since.As interpreter for clients in court Mint ensures that the communication between the judge client and legal teams is spot on.In addition to this she provides translation services and also provides help with work permits,driving license application, yellow book ,pink card and spouse visa for traveling abroad.

Our team at Lawyers for Expats Thailand are at hand to assist you.

Our Team: Our Team
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