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The importance of making a Will

As a foreigner living in Thailand one of the most important documents you will ever make is your will.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand specialize in providing legal solutions for foreigners living and working in Thailand.

A Will from your Thai wife or partner or business partner is an essential ingredient in securing your property investment and business investments in Thailand.

If you were to understand the laws of inheritance in Thailand you would realize how important this is.

Contact our Business and Property expert at Lawyers for Expats Thailand

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If you do not have a Thai Will your family most likely will have to go to court and prove they are the rightful heir to your estate.

If you have money in Thai banks this could be lost to your family in another country.

Do you have children then it is essential that you and your wife leave instructions about your child’s guardianship and future welfare.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand will provide a bespoke Will service to meet your needs

A carefully worded and executed Will can make all the difference.

Tel +66956583038

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