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Share your health insurance details with a friend

Health Insurance for foreigners living in Thailand is not mandatory except for people who obtained their Non O visa from outside Thailand.

It pays to be adequately insured as medical costs can quickly mount up if you are hospitalized.

Recently we were contacted by an Australian national,her father was seriously ill in hospital and could not communicate with her or the staff from the hospital.

There was no way for the hospital to check if he had insurance.

There is no central data base for health insurance in Thailand.

Ensuring that your insurance policy details are available in the event you need treatment is important.

Keep your policy stapled to your passport.

Share your details (photocopy) with a friend all they need is the insurance company and policy number.

This can make life so much easier in the event you are in an accident or taken seriously ill.

Hospitals in Thailand will not let you be discharged without full payment of your treatment.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand provide solutions for foreigners living in Thailand.

Contact us for a free quotation for any type of insurance or free consultation on any legal matter.

Tel +66956583038

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