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Securing your long term stay and property in Thailand

So you want to live in Thailand?

The two most important challenges are ?

How to stay long term in Thailand?

How to secure your property investment in Thailand?

lawyers for Expats Thailand together with the Board of Investment have the perfect solution for you and your family.

If you are considering moving to Thailand and or buying property read on. are Thailand's dedicated law firm for foreigners wishing to stay long term in the kingdom of Thailand.

We provide solutions to ensure living and working or investing in property is legal and safe.

Would you like a 10 year visa for you and your wife and 2 dependents?

Would you like to ensure that all foreign transfers are tax free?

No 90 day reporting .

Would you like to be able to invest into the property market with confidence with the assurance it is following the law and is safe and secure and offers you a complete property solution

For more details simply contact us at

or call on +66956583038 Whats App or Line

The above is subject to a minimum investment of 9,000,000 baht

Terms and conditions apply.

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