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If you have a business in Thailand or anywhere in the world it is essential that your contracts comply with the law for the success of your business.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand will go through all your contracts and implement changes to protect your business and to help it run smoothly and efficiently and to offer you protection and compliance with the law and regulations.

We specialise in contract law and business law and offer a number of solutions to ensure your business is successful in this ever changing world.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand offer a business package that includes compliance and strategic planning including providing you with bespoke paperwork adding value to your business.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand also offer within our business package a unique service to help you increase your profit and market share as well as tax planning and financial advice and sales support.

What stands us apart from our competitors is that we take the time to understand your business model and your goals,this enables us to be able to provide a bespoke solution for your needs.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand offer a one stop shop policy we provide legal services for foreigners and their Thai partners or wives/husbands in Thailand and around the world.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand also provide insurance services for Expats for health insurance and for house and car insurance.

We are independent so we can provide the best quote to suit your personal needs.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand also offer a real-estate service for foreigners who want to buy or build a home in Thailand.

We are here to assist to make your life easier, safer and to secure your investment.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand cover the whole of Thailand and we provide solutions for

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