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Lawyers for Expats Thailand Offer A Free Consultation

Whatever your enquiry is we are happy to provide a Free Consultation

We provide solutions to help you live a happy and safe life in Thailand

Lawyers for Expats Thailand provide legal solutions for Expats and their partners and wives.

Moving to Thailand what you need to know.

Buying property in Thailand is it safe?

Can you own property in Thailand?

Inheritance Law in Thailand how can this affect you?

Can you protect your investment in Thailand?

Is it safe to purchase a house or land in your wife's name?How can you secure this to make it safe?

Getting married in Thailand?

What is the best Health Insurance policy to have in Thailand?

How to get the most from your pension?

How to make a will in Thailand?

Why it is important for your Thai wife to make a will?

What is a Usufruct and why is it important?

What is the difference between a Usufruct and Superficies agreement?

Buying property in a Thai foreign owned company why you should not do this?

Divorcing in Thailand.

Adoption of a child

Prenuptial agreements in Thailand are they legal?

What visa is best for you?

Extending your visa what you need to know.

Setting up a bank account in Thailand,how to go about it.

Do you need a Thai driving license?

Car insurance what is the best cover?

Setting up a company in Thailand what you need to know.

Registering a marriage or birth of a child.

Working in Thailand all you need to know.

Employment contracts

Non Disclosure agreements

Shareholders agreement

Tax planning and accounting


Consumer protection in Thailand understanding the law.

Protecting your personal information how to avoid being scammed.

These are just some of the areas we cover on a day to day basis

Contact us anytime for a free consultation we are here to assist you.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand


Tel +66956583038

English speaking Lawyers and Barristers and English staff

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