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Is my Usufruct or Superficies enough to protect my home?

Having a Usufruct or Superficies is a great idea as it registers the foreigners name on the reverse of the land title.

But does it offer the complete protection that is needed?

No loans or liens or mortgage can be registered against the land title if this is done nor can the property be sold unless agreed by the Superficiary or Usufructuary.

However it does not stop the owner of the land for example the wife of a foreigner taking the land title and using it as deposit for a loan.

If this happens and the loan is not paid the loan person whos interest rates can be high can demand the sale of the property.

The habitation rights on the land are safe but this would result in the loss of the right of Co ownership .

Lawyers for Expats Thailand provide a complete solution to protect foreigners investing in property with their Thai partner or wife.

If you have co ownership of property in Thailand or are considering purchasing or building a home contact us for a free consultation at

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