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How Safe is Your Villa Investment

Foreigners cannot own land (including the land on which a villa or house is built) in Thailand in their own name.

Any attempt to circumnavigate this law could result in losing the land and being deported from Thailand. However, there are legal options available that follow the law that make so much more sense and offer the foreign buyer protection.

Many foreigners have chosen to not follow the law and have set up companies to bypass these laws and circumnavigate the law.

It is illegal for a foreigner to set up a company for the sole purpose of owning land in Thailand.

It is illegal and dangerous to use nominee shareholders.

Every foreigner who has purchased a villa this includes from a developer or had one built should have a registered lease (minimum requirement )as part of a solution to protect their investment.

The lease and your name registered on the back of the land title.

If you do not have this you need to reach out to us today!

The DCI Department of Criminal Investigations are investigating companies that have foreign directors and/or shareholders that own land.

A Thai company can own property but what is the definition of a legal Thai company?

It is not using nominees this is illegal.

To find out more and how to follow the law and protect your property investment contact Brian Ramsden the General Manager of Foreign Affairs at lawyers for Expats Thailand to arrange a free consultation Tel +66956583038 WhatsApp and Line

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