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How can a foreigner buy property legally and safely in Thailand

Lawyers for Expats Thailand provide solutions for foreigners who want to live, work, conduct business and invest in Thai Real Estate.

Due Diligence is required in everything you do especially when buying property in Thailand.

Foreigners cannot own land so how can they own Thai Real Estate?

If you married to a Thai national or have a Thai partner you can buy property in their name.

But is this safe?

What if you separate?

What if you divorce?

Will you be required to sign away your rights on this land at the land office ?

What if your the wife or partner loans against the land will you lose it?

What if she is sued will the asset be safe?

Can a foreigner buy property in a company name?

Is it legal and safe to do this?

What are the tax implications?

If as a foreigner you only own 49 per cent of the shares does this mean someone else owns 51 per cent of the company nd property?

If in a company name is ownership yours or does it belong to the company?

Is it illegal for a foreigner to set up a company for the sole purpose of owning property?

Is leasehold a good option for a foreigner or is it the only option?

Is leasehold safe ?

How can a foreigner sell their property if they do not legally own it?

What term can a foreigner lease land in Thailand?

What is a superficies agreement and how can it help a foreigner wishing to invest in property?

What is a Usufruct ?

How can it help ?

What are the restrictions on condo ownership?

What is the best way to buy a condo leasehold or freehold?

What documents are needed to secure a property purchase in Thailand ?

For the answers to these questions and more contact our General Manager of Foreign Affairs Brian Ramsden to arrange a Free Consultation on +66956583038 WhatsApp and Line or email us at

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