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Divorcing in Thailand

The sad but realistic fact is that Thailand has one of the worst divorce statistics in the World.

Marriage is a sacred bonding and union of two people and working at a marriage takes time and effort especially when you marry in Thailand as there are many other factors to take into account.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand are unique in our approach to serving our clients as we work from our hearts and are dedicated in providing the best advice and service to our clients.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand have developed solutions to assist foreigners living in Thailand.

We also provide a mediation service and that extends to assisting married people too.

Unfortunately, sometimes the marriage is irretrievable and divorcing is inevitable.

We will always advocate if you are to divorce to try at all lengths to do this amicably.

Divorce in never a good thing and when fighting it makes it 10 times worse.

There are some truths that foreigners need to face and prepare for.


n Thailand, a divorce can be obtained under the following criteria: 1. Both parties must mutually agree to the divorce, or one party can file for divorce on the grounds of their partner's misconduct or certain other reasons such as abandonment, adultery, imprisonment, or failure in their marital duties. 2. If both parties have lived separately for at least three years, a divorce may be granted, regardless of whether both parties consent to the divorce or not. 3. The marriage must have been legally registered in Thailand or registered under Thai law while abroad. 4. If there are children involved, arrangements for their custody, support, and care must be agreed upon before the divorce can be finalized. 5. If the marriage is a cross-cultural marriage and one spouse is from a foreign country, the appropriate immigration and personal status laws must be complied with. It is important to note that divorce laws in Thailand can be complex and may vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case. It is recommended to seek legal advice from who specialize in family law between a Thai and Foreigner.

If you are a foreigner married to a Thai and have property together that was purchased whilst married this under Thai Law is deemed to be matrimonial property.

Have you signed away your matrimonial property rights at the land office?

If your wife has taken your surname, you may have been asked to go to sign papers at the land office when the land was transferred into her name.

Do you know what you signed?

In a divorce between a Thai female and foreign male if it ends up fighting in court the lawyer for the Thai female will bring this paper out every time and will attempt to represent the property as the private property of the female on the grounds that the male signed to agree to this.

Yes, the paper signed at the land office states that the money did not come from the male and that he agrees the property is the private property of the female.

That is not to say that the male cannot win this argument but he will need to prove the funds came from him and it will be down to the judgment of the judge to decide.

Whether married or not if you are buying property or have bought property in your wife or girlfriends name it is important for you to contact Brian Ramsden our General manager of Foreign Affairs on 095683038 what App or line to arrange a free consultation.

We protect your property from not just divorce but also incase your wife or partner should die before you.

Preparation is everything and having peace of mind that you have covered yourself in every situation.

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