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Buying off plan in Thailand

Is it safe to #buyoffplaninthailand

As with everything you do conduct good due diligence.

Then look at the risk assessment.

Lawyers for expats Thailand will provide due diligence on the seller,builder,developer .

Due diligence is so important to assertain what your risk assessment is and if what is being offered is safe.

Always ask yourself what would happen if ?

Many have lost deposits and full payment buying condos off plan that just have never been completed

It is not safe and not advised !

Find a condo that is already built and ready to move into that is our advice.

It is much safer and reduces the risks of losing your money.

Buying a villa /landed property from a developer off plan.

Due Diligence is essential as is understanding that foreigners cannot own land.

It is illegal for a foreigner to set up a company for the sole purpose of property ownership in Thailand.

It is illegal and dangerous.

If the developer is offering to sell to you freehold ,then you should take advice from #lawyersforexpatsthailand

Foreigners cannot legally purchase (Free Hold Landed Property) in their name.

How do you therefore buy safely and legally?

Simply call Brian Ramsden our General Manager of Foreign Affairs on +66956583038 whatsApp and Line or email

To arrange a free consultation and let us complete #Duediligence

We are Thailands Property Lawyers for Expats

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