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Ask Yourself This Question

Lawyers for Expats Thailand meet new clients every day

From the people we meet most of their problems could have been avoided if they had asked this simple question to themselves and gave it some thought

What would happen if?

If you apply this question to your circumstances living in Thailand and you do not know the answer or the answer leaves you feeling vulnerable then call our General Manager of Foreign Affairs Brian Ramsden to arrange a Free Consultation on 0956583038 Whats App and Line

Lawyers for Expats Thailand are a dedicated law firm meeting the needs of foreigners and their families living in Thailand.

We cover all of Thailand so matter where you are we can assist.

Our legal team is headed by Kanokpich Ukritdutsadee (Lawyer Pook)

a qualified Lawyer and Barrister in Thailand for 20 years she is also on the board of the law council highly qualified and dedicated in providing service to the expat communities around Thailand.

Ask yourself What would happen if ?

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