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Are you thinking of starting a business in Thailand

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Before you begin to talk to anyone ensure they sign a Non Disclosure Agreement

If you think you have a good idea so will others

Protect your ideas and designs.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Copyright & Trademark

What type of company set up are you considering and why?

Lawyers for Expats Thailand provide solutions for Expats wishing to set up business in Thailand.

We can add value to your business ideas and help you in your company formation in Thailand.

We provide a full solution covering all aspects of your business including:

Company formation

Work permits

Shareholders Agreement

Non disclosure agreement


Contracts and agreements

Trading Agreement

Sales contracts


Sales Training

Tax planning

Employment Contracts

Non Competition agreement

Legal services and advice.

What would happen if one of your shareholders should die?

Have you planned for this eventuality.

It is important that the shareholders have an agreement and Will to ensure the company can continue uninterrupted.

For a free consultation in English email

Tel +66956583038

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