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Are you planning to have a house built in Thailand

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Once you have found who you think is suitable to build for you.

You will need the services of a good lawyer to write an agreement between you and the builder for your protection and to ensure building permits have been granted and that local searches have been carried out.

There are a number of special clauses you need to include for the protection of your investment.

Who is the owner of the land.

It is essential that you have a written agreement that is lawful and enforceable and that is not a nominee arrangement.

Think of every scenario and ensure that you have it covered.

Protect your investment

We will ensure that all documentation is in place with a carefully worded agreement


Lawyers for Expats Thailand provide solutions to secure your investment.

We follow the law to guarantee your solution is enforceable.

We have a saying Belt and Braces.

Call us to arrange a free consultation on +66956583038 whatsapp and line

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