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Are you involved in a dispute

Most disputes can be avoided if you use clear and precise agreements.

A Memorandum Agreement that details your transaction is a useful tool to avoid disputes, Ensure that any agreement you sign has a non performance clause for your protection.

Most agreements/contracts offered are usually stacked in favour of the seller or service provider and offer little or no protection for the consumer.

Before you enter any agreement read though it carefully and if you are not comfortable with it insist that it is changed.

This single action can avoid disputes later.

Do not sign any agreement without fully understanding the terms and conditions.

If in doubt contact us we are here to help.

What should you do if you find yourself involved in a dispute?

Collate all the evidence to back up your claim.

Read through your agreement does it coincide with your point of view?

Try and resolve things amicably.

If this fails contact Lawyers for Expats Thailand our dispute resolution team will be happy to assist you.

You can contact us for a free consultation and after listening to you and examining the evidence we will offer a solution to remedy the situation.

This will begin with either a letter or phone call to the other party.

No one wants to end up in court as it is time consuming and there are costs involved.

Most disputes can be resolved without the need to attend court and without incurring high costs.

Dispute resolution is just one of many services and solutions Lawyers for Expats Thailand has to offer foreigners living in Thailand.

We cover the whole of Thailand so wherever you are we can assist.

Lawyers for Expats Thailand can be contacted anytime for a free consultation in English at or Tel +66956583038 line and whats appp

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