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A checklist of things you need for living in Thailand

Lawyers for Expats Thailand Specialize in providing legal solutions to assist foreigners to live, work, buy property and conduct business in Thailand.

  • Long stay visa essential for living in Thailand which option is best for you?

  • Retirement, Married, B Visa, or Elite Visa.

  • Work Permit essential to be able to work in Thailand

  • Health Insurance

  • Thai Driving License

  • Car Insurance

  • Property in Thailand buying property is very different from your own country Foreigners cannot own land many try to circumnavigate the law and leave themselves and their families in a vulnerable situation we will help you secure your property investment from due diligence before you purchase and providing a legal solution to protect you and your investment.

  • If retired ensure your pension is in order

  • Setting up a business in Thailand what are your options?

  • Depending on your circumstances Thai Company Formation, Branch Office or BOI (Board of Investment). Company.

  • Estate Planning ensure your affairs are in order

  • Lawyers and Accountants in Thailand lawyers for Expats Thailand work for foreigners all over Thailand we have you covered.

Thailand is a wonderful place to live with the right planning and following the law and having everything in order a foreigner can live, work, retire or conduct business here safely and legally.

For a Free Consultation contact Brian Ramsden our General Manager of Foreign Affairs at Telephone +66956583038 WhatsApp & Line.

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