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Lawyers For Expats Thailand

🔹 Lawyers for Expats in Thailand: Your Trusted Law Firm of Choice 🔹

🔹 Legal Services for Expats in Thailand: Your Trusted Advocates 🔹

Are you an expatriate living, working, or investing in the Kingdom of Thailand? Navigating the legal landscape in a foreign country can present unique challenges, but you don’t have to face them alone. At Lawyers for Expats Thailand, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services tailored to the needs of expatriates in Thailand.

🔹 Our Areas of Expertise:

From visa and immigration matters to property law business incorporation, and business law and estate planning, or matrimonial or family law. our team of experienced and highly qualified attorneys specializes in addressing the legal concerns that expats encounter. We understand the complexities of living and doing business in Thailand as a foreign national, and we are committed to delivering effective solutions to safeguard your interests.

Our legal Team is led by Kanokpich Ukritdutsadee Lawyer and Barrister of 20 years and member of the law council of Thailand

🔹 Visa and Immigration:

Whether you are seeking a non-immigrant visa, permanent residency, or navigating the intricacies of work permits or B Visa our firm can guide you through the various aspects of Thai immigration law. We provide strategic counsel to expats on visa applications, extensions, and compliance with immigration regulations.

🔹 Real Estate Transactions:

Purchasing property in Thailand requires a comprehensive understanding of real estate laws and regulations. Our legal services encompass due diligence, contract review, title investigations, and the facilitation of smooth property transactions for expatriates ensuring that the law is followed.

Foreigners cannot own land or landed property in their name, it is also illegal to use nominee shareholders or circumnavigate Thailand’s property laws with the use of a Thai company.

🔹 Business Incorporation and Compliance:

If you are an expat looking to establish a business presence in Thailand, we offer tailored legal support for company registration, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and contractual matters. Our goal is to help you navigate the nuances of Thai business law and facilitate the successful establishment and operation of your enterprise.

🔹 Estate Planning and Wills:

Planning for the future and ensuring the protection of your assets requires careful consideration of estate planning strategies. Our firm assists expatriates in creating last wills and testaments, as well as addressing cross-border estate issues to secure the orderly transfer of assets according to their wishes.

🔹 Personal Injury and Civil Litigation:

In the unfortunate event of personal injury or the need to pursue civil litigation in Thailand, our legal team is prepared to advocate for your rights and pursue fair and just outcomes on your behalf.

🔹 Cross-Cultural Understanding:

We recognize the importance of cultural sensitivity and effective communication in providing legal services to expatriates. Our multilingual team and deep understanding of the expatriate experience in Thailand enable us to bridge cultural gaps and ensure clarity and comfort for our clients.

🔹 Free Consultation:

If you are an expatriate in need of legal assistance in Thailand, we offer a Free confidential consultation to discuss your specific legal concerns and goals. Our team is committed to providing tailored solutions that address your unique situation and legal needs.

🔹 Contact Us:

Lawyers for Expats Thailand is dedicated to serving the legal needs of expatriates in Thailand, delivering professional and client-focused representation in a range of practice areas.

📌 Nationwide coverage Thailand

☎️ Phone: +66-95658 3038

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To arrange a free consultation contact Brian Ramsden General Manager of Foreign Affairs

Tel 0956583038

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